A Fresh Start!

Why is it that even when you’re working out regularly, the scale still goes up?

Only a few months away from my 40th birthday I know that as I get older, it will be harder and harder to build muscle and lose weight.  I figure if I get healthy now, I’ll have a better chance of staying healthy as I age. 

It’s been a nagging thought in the back of my head for years.

Last year my cholesterol had crept up, and my doctor gave me 3 months to bring it down on my own or he would recommend meds.  I started walking on the treadmill every day. I cut out the fatty foods, increased my fruits, vegetables and whole grains, and dropped my cholesterol 60 points in 4 months. 

My doctor was shocked.  My clothes were fitting better, and I could see the changes in my body. 

But the scale didn’t move.  It went up!  I was working hard, and I knew I was losing fat and gaining muscle. I could see it, but it was so disappointing.

I stayed pretty active but the scale wasn’t budging.  Then I started some home improvement projects this winter.  I started scraping popcorn ceilings in my house, patching walls, and painting.  With the regular exercise, going up and down the ladder, scraping and painting, my body was toned, and I had built up some nice muscles.  But the scale only went up.

Then the project ended.  I went back to my sedentary lifestyle, and lost all the momentum.  Again.

Until today.  Today I decided that’s enough. 

I need to get myself in shape. I’m going to get my but in gear and start exercising again. 

I want to feel good, and have lots of energy.  I want my clothes to fit well.  When I look at myself in the mirror I don’t want to be disgusted with myself for letting myself go.  I want to look at myself and be proud to say “This is 40!”

This time, I’m going to set a routine, and stick with it, no matter what’s going on in my life. If I’m doing lots of active things that day, I will still get my workout in. I am a creature of habit, and I know that I need to maintain a routine, no matter what, or I will not get back into it.

So I’m heading on this journey, and I want you to come along and I hope that sharing all of this on my blog will keep me accountable. I can’t skip out on a workout, because then I will be letting you all down.  I hope that sharing my struggles with you, maybe you’ll be inspired to be the healthiest you too.

What’s your motivation to be the healthiest you? 

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